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03 June 2013 @ 08:08 pm
My computer is fucked up. The problem has finally reached a level where even I can't fix it without some professional help. This means that tomorrow (4th June) I'll have to call to some i-am-better-with-computers-than-you guy and maybe send my new and beautiful laptop somewhere to be fixed.

And what does this have anything to do with my little community? It means that there's this one small and very crucial file. And it's on that specific computer. So I can't get it. Can't get it now and can't get it in god nows how many days or weeks.

Which leads us to the fact that I won't be posting for a while. Well, that isn't big news since I'm such a lazy bum anyway, but now I have actual reasons. I'll be updating my situation later on.
To sum up my last three weeks: One Direction has taken over my life. Save me.

» {1D} 01000010 01101111 01110100 by tomlinsunshine \\ Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, not rated, 5,241 words
Zayn builds robots; Harry is a big fan of his latest model. Part 1 of the Bot series.

» {1D} 2.0 by tomlinsunshine \\ Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, not rated, 6,642 words
The date is September fifteenth. It’s a Friday, it’s nineteen degrees outside, and Harry Styles has just made the biggest mistake of his life. Part 2 of the Bot series.

» {1D} all the yesterdays by queenmcgonagall \\ Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, mature, 10,235 words
Nothing has changed. The pictures on the wall, the quilt at the end of his bed, his mum in the kitchen, framed in a halo of sunshine streaming in through the garden window, it's all the same as it was before the roaring success of Harry's new life. The only thing that's different is the boy under his arm, blue eyes and a childish smile and a tendency to fit into every nook and cranny of Harry's life.

» {1D} doesn't have to be a real thing by mercurious \\ Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, mature, 12,525 words
In which Harry helps Louis get over his ex and it kind of becomes a regular thing. It’s totally casual – they have an understanding. But what happens to Harry when Nick reappears in Louis’ life?

» {1D} with your nicotine lips and your heart of gold by writtensoul \\ Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, mature, 7,291 words
Louis makes the horrendous decision to borrow a cop car and it ends up with him making friends with a maybe criminal that has vanilla skin and coincidentally, a craving for vanilla bean cupcakes.
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Insert standard apologies about not updating here. EDIT: Sorry, just found out that LJ has been eating my posts. Well, not really, my default security setting was members so no one could see them because I thought it was on public. Now you see them if you want to.

I found myself a new obsession, which is One Direction. Don't laugh or judge. Also, I read a bunch of fanfics about them and of course found a few to recommend. If RPF is not you're thing, then fine.

If you're pretty much convinced that Harry and Louis are in a relationship and want to spend days on reading perfect fanfiction, then go to wontsitstill and join the community and read by far the best fic you'll ever read, These Inconvenient Fireworks. This only applies if you've lived under a rock like me and haven't heard from this earlier. Seriously, it's worth the time.

» {1D} after me comes the flood by queenmcgonagall \\ Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, not rated, 7,692 words
Louis's eyes might be falling out of his head. He's not sure. He hopes the boy with the dolphin charm can fix his problems aka the one where Louis is anxious about a lot of things, Harry works at a bookshop and wears skinny jeans even though it's too hot, and they eat french fries in the park.

» {1D} a house built out of stone by robpatff \\ Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, mature, 22,486 words
Louis has a used bookshop and Harry has a habit of claiming things that don't belong to him.

» {1D} as loud as lions by likecharity \\ Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, teen and up, 26,224 words
Every few seconds there's a blinding camera flash, and it's overwhelming even for Harry so he can't imagine how Louis feels. All he can do is hold his hand, tight, like they've never been allowed to in public before, and let all these middle-aged men with their zoom lenses get a good long look.

» {1D} breakdown by wordgasmic \\ Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, NC-17, 6,600 words
Harry's reminded far too often of that stupid you can look but you can't touch rule.

» {1D} it's just that delicate by acciocreativity \\ Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, not rated, 2,391 words
Harry giggles sleepily and Louis’ heartstrings give a little tug. “Come snuggle, then?” he asks hopefully, blinking up at Louis slowly. He brings a hand up to rub at his tired eyes. “Body heat and all that.”

» {TW} moon chaser by pandabomb \\ Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, mature, 24,246 words
"I need to find a wolf," said the sheriff's kid, voice full of gusto. Derek set his cigarette in his empty whiskey glass. He let the silence between them settle, though it was drowned already by the band tinkering away by the bar. He waited until the boy was blushing, unsure and tense, before responding, slow and languid: "You found one."

» {1D} never shut us down by togetherwecouldbealright \\ Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, general, 32,919 words
Tumblr!AU. Louis is an insecure mess and he hides behind his blog. Harry's a boy with a personality too bright and he's everything Louis thought he would hate. They end up falling in love.

» {1D} the moments when my good times start to fade by paintsplatteredteardrops \\ Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, not rated, 23,869 words
Where Harry is a flower child who works in a bakery and Louis is a guitarist who has no idea what it is he wants.

» {1D} these inconvenient fireworks by mdasch & everydayslike \\ Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne/Zayn Malik, NC-17, 197,000 words
Future AU in which nobody tries out for X Factor but the boys end up finding one other eventually anyway. Louis is a jaded bastard who owns a cat named Duchess and teaches drama to teenagers, Harry is an idealistic aspiring photographer/part-time footy coach, Zayn teaches English lit and wears leather jackets, Liam saves people from burning buildings, and Niall is Niall.

» {TW} the past (in present tense) by infinite_wonders \\ Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, teen and up, 15,234 words
Stiles learns to compartmentalize and prioritize about two weeks after his mom dies.

» {1D} through the darkest of your days by robpatff \\ Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, mature, 35,073 words
"Harry thinks he might not really know what okay is, but Louis is warm next to him, solid and constant and questioning. He’s all wide eyes and nerves and vulnerability. And this feels alright, this might be some sort of okay, Harry thinks." Future!fic, roadtrip!fic, OT5 friendship!fic.

» {1D} to die by your side (well the pleasure, the privilege is mine) by gaysubtexts \\ Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, mature, 7,507 words
harry has a terminal illness and tries to keep it a secret until the last possible moment.
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Okay. I know my user info says I try to provide recs weekly but since two entries before this one have started with "Oh how long it has been!" I'm considering changing that to something different. I feel bad. But, fortunately, my finals are over now. Yay! Now I'm moving to another city and I have more to study because of entrance exams to universities. I can never rest. Thank God for fanfiction being there to relax my nerves.

Also, I marathoned both seasons of Teen Wolf so I apologise that every rec is focused on that fandom if it's not something you like.

» {TW} enamour me by stilinski \\ Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, general, 3,417 words
1. Appreciate him without sounding patronizing. Somehow. Refrain from smacking him. 2. Make him laugh. Don't do this at someone else's expense. Maybe at your own. 3. Be seen with him. Show him you're willing to be seen in public associating with him. 4. Initiate conversation - show you want to talk to him. Do not allow him to think you just want something from him. Even if you do. 5. Feed him. Not junk food. Show you can provide for him ?Isaac had added (un)helpful additions, such as 'Don't leave dead animals on his porch!' in response to number five, underlining 'Don't do this at someone else's expense' twice, and 'Why are you writing a list to yourself in third person? The fact you want Stiles is your worst kept secret'.

» {TW} get your kicks by eriizabeto \\ Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, not rated, 4,488 words
"We're not going to Foamhenge," Derek replies drily. Stiles makes a pleading sound, peering at Derek, eyes wide. "It's Stonehenge made out of foam," Derek argues. "Right," Stiles agrees emphatically. "It's Stonehenge. Made out of foam."

» {TW} sandpapered corners and no points by hayesgeneration \\ Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, mature, 2,578 words
It’s dark and he almost slips when he follows the siren's voice until the water is up to his neck because she wants him, she wants him and he’s lonely, and her calling is like a relief and this might just be worth drowning for. He punches Boyd in the face when he pulls him out of the water, sputtering and coughing and yelling because he wants to go back, because nobody else wants him, don’t they fucking understand that?

» {TW} somebody that i used to know by percybyssheshelley \\ Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, mature, 10,379 words
Stiles and Derek have been together for months. The trouble is, they weren't yesterday.

» {TW} to the sound of trumpets by majoraccent \\ Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, explicit, 2,204 words
“Do we have to start running for our lives?” He grumbles, voice still sleep-rough as he turns to hide his face in the pillows. Stiles hums, mouth still full as he channel surfs to Fox News. “No,” he answers, making a face and bypassing it to Cartoon Network. “Body hasn’t been found yet. No one’s called it in, either.”

» {TW} won't do me no good washing in the river by devildoll, jinxy & rahciach \\ Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, mature, 5,961 words
"Remember, Derek: you never get back what you lost."

» {TW} you wardens of the sky by 8611 \\ Allison Argent/Scott McCall, teen and up, 6,352 words
They're Jedi, except for Allison, who may or may not grow up to be Han Solo. Star Wars AU, first part of the Star Woofs series.
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